Welcome to Find A Craft

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Hello, I am glad you popped in to my craft blog.

I have lots of crafts for you to try out and I hope you have fun making some of them.

Craft is a very good stress relief and did you know can even help you give up bad habits like smoking,

How you may ask? well when you get absorbed in crafting you forget about a lot of other things,

yes craft can take your mind of your worries for a while and when you are making something time

seems to just fly by.

Craft can also be a great teacher to the young as they learn maths as in measuring counting

either stitches or beads,  reading have to be able to read instructions  and motor skills  using tools such

as  scissors, sewing needles, knitting needles, crochet hooks pens for tracing patterns,

and  all without  realizing they are learning.

Craft is also good for the elderly as it helps pass time and keeps their minds active and can even

help make a little money if they wish to sell their products and of course crafting for charity makes

them feel useful and gives a good feeling that they are helping out someone less fortunate than themselves.

So there you have it many good reasons to start finding a craft.

Enjoy your stay